OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini
plus with armpit applicators

Fully digital iontophoresis OZO-OZO Ionto-mini for home and professional use to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of palms, soles and underarms.

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50 DAY


315,00 €

No more sweating

Iontophoresis OZO-OZO will allow you to enjoy a full live without worrying about excessive sweating – both in social and working interactions. It will alleviate the stress and discomfort during business meetings or public speeches and presentations.

After work you can enjoy your free-time activities. No more extra clothing to keep your condition under control. Now thanks to OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini with underarm applicators you will be able to choose a colour or fabric to your liking without the need for chemical antiperspirants.

OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini uses all the advantages of a treatment which is recommended by dermatologists as a non-invasive alternative of treating hyperhidrosis. The therapeutic treatment with underarm applicators can be done conveniently at the comfort of your home. The procedure is fast and efficient, most users report improvement in their condition within two weeks.

OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini with underarm applicators is designed for home and professional use. Simple controls, multiple protection of the output current providing maximum safety and stylish design allowing anyone to use iontophoresis OZO-OZO without the need of professional training.

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Underarm applicators

Special underarm applicators which are included in the package consist of two electrodes with gentle protective padding. The pads guarantee comfort and safety during iontophoresis use and are made of tactile material. The textile consists of 25 % BIO cotton (40g/m2), 45 % bamboo fibre, 30 % hemp and is perfectly suitable for people with allergies. The pads are easy to maintain and are machine washable.

Safety without compromise

Modern construction of the device provides safe and efficient procedure, eliminating any unwanted side-effects or unpleasant sensations. OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini eliminates unpleasant sensations typically associated with placing limbs in trays during the treatment. The absence of minor static shocks typical for other types of machines is a great advantage. The device is therefore absolutely safe even for children or older users. Iontophoresis is also suitable for visually impaired users thanks to sound response.

Fully automated

Iontophoresis OZO-OZO Ionto mini is easy to use. Preparing the device is simple and the treatment itself is fully automated.

All you have to do before starting the treatment is set the required current intensity according to the manual and OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini will detect when you have applied the underarm applicators. Iontophoresis starts automatically and increases the current until the required level is reached. In the middle of the procedure the device automatically switches the polarity to ensure the treatment is applied evenly. If you fail to turn the device off, one more cycle will start, and after that the device is automatically switched off.

Fast results

The results of the treatment should be noticeable quickly and with regular use the effects are permanent. Iontophoresis OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini will help you get rid of excessive sweating. However, if you are not satisfied with the results, we offer a money-back guarantee as stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Package contents

Content with armpit electrodes.jpg

1 - Iontophoresis 3 - Accumulators (2 pcs.) 5 - Electrodes (2 pcs.) 7 - Case 9 - Accumulator charger
2 - Instruction manual 4 - Supply cable for the electrodes 6 - Protective nets for the electrodes (2 pcs.) 8 - Protective foam tubes (2 pcs.) 10 - Power cable
11 - Underarm applicators (2 pcs.)

Technical specifications

System fully digital
Feet YES
Hands YES
Armpits YES
Intensity 3 mA - 20 mA
Maximal voltage 50 V
Constant current YES
Intensity control YES
Automatic start YES
Gradual increase YES
Polarity switch YES
Electric shock protection YES
Display type alphanumeric
Displayed characters 2 x 16 characters
Current level indicator YES
Procedure length indicator YES
Low battery indicator YES
Battery type 2 x 3.6 V Li-Ion
Battery life (max./min. current) 60 min. - 400 min.
Battery depletion protection YES
Height 115 mm
Width 69 mm
Depth 28 mm
Colour white
Money back guarantee 50 days