• for OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini
    12,00 € AA

    A pair of original batteries. With OZO-OZO iontophoresis we recommend using only original batteries. Parameters: Li-ion 14500, 3.7V, 700-850 mAh.

    12,00 € tax excl.
  • for OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini
    17,00 € AA

    Original battery charger for OZO-OZO Ionto Mini iontophoresis.

    17,00 € tax excl.
  • for OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini
    9,50 € AA

    Power cable to electrodes. With OZO-OZO iontophoresis, we recommend using only the original power cable. Cable length is 1.5 meters.

    9,50 € tax excl.
  • 39,00 € AA

    Iontophoresis contains the case in the base pack. Replacement case for OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini offers the same features as the original case. You can use it for a treatment procedure - the trunk walls serve as a tray. Case dimensions: 335x240x71 mm.

    39,00 € tax excl.
  • 200,00 € AA

    Replacement device OZO-OZO Ionto-Mini for home and professional use to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The device does not have any accessories, neither batteries nor cable. If you are interested in complete packaging, buy it here.

    200,00 € tax excl.