Is iontophoresis really safe?

Reducing excessive sweating by using iontophoresis has been proved by a number of clinical studies. Maximum current and maximum voltage of the device have been designed in accordance with safety limits set for medical appliances. However, to minimize any risk, try not to remove hands/feet from the water container too rapidly during the treatment. Before the treatment remove any metal jewellery from the immersed body parts. Do not touch conductive materials while using the device. Before touching any controls, dry your hands thoroughly. Please read the safety instructions and pay attention to the conditions iontophoresis is contraindicative to. Use the device only for the intended purpose.

What should I feel during iontophoresis?

Correct sensation can include mild tingling or mild burning. In case these sensations are unpleasant, lower the level of current. If you feel no sensations at all, increase the level of current. Should you feel no sensation at all even at higher levels, please check whether the device has been plugged in properly and is fully operational. When removing hands or feet slowly from the container, you may feel a slightly unpleasant impulse. Should you remove your limb quickly, however, the impulse and unpleasant sensation might be more prominent.

What should I do if I feel pinching or pain in the immersed body part during the treatment?

Check the intensity level of the current. The above mentioned problems are typical for bruises, hangnails, small wounds which are present on the immersed body parts. You can avoid such sensations by using a special lotion before beginning the session. Should the unpleasant sensations not subside, wait for the injuries to heal.

Is it possible to damage the device by connecting the parts not according to the manual?

Please respect the system's specifications by following the manual. Only turn on the device after carefully connecting all parts. If you assemble the device in a different order than described in the manual, there should be no damage to the device. However, make sure you always keep the right polarity of the batteries.

I have been using the device according to instructions but still experience no decrease in perspiration. What should I do?

Should there be no visible result of iontophoresis by the end of the fourth week, please contact us. We will do our best to help you achieve the desired result. In case of a failure, we will give your money back.

What if I miss a session (in primary or maintenance phase)?

In case you miss a session, this may negatively influence the final result. Try to compensate for the missed session as soon as possible and then continue according to the schedule.

What is the life of the device?

The device doesn't contain any parts prone to wearing. Therefore it is quite difficult to estimate the average life of the device (when used correctly). Nevertheless, the accessories have limited life depending on the frequency of usage. Avoid contact with water or dropping the device, check the batteries regularly and don't pull the cables.

Can I use iontophoresis even if I'm ill at the moment? (This illness is not contraindicative to iontophoresis.)

It is highly recommended to use iontophoresis only when you feel alright and healthy.

Can iontophoresis be used for children as well?

Yes, but only with adult supervision.

Can iontophoresis be used for seniors?

Yes, but only in case the person doesn't have conditions contraindicative to iontophoresis. If it is necessary, another person's assistance is recommended during the treatment.

If I find the iontophoresis treatment unpleasant, can I return the device and get my money back?

Yes, there is a full money-back guarantee. We are very sorry that you haven't been satisfied with iontophoresis. Kindly contact us at sales@merebit.com.